About Key Mediation

Attorneys with over 40 years combined experience with litigation, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, Christine Marinello and Kristen Sloan Maccini believe that mediation is the key to resolving disputes in a manner that respects each party’s position, time frame and desired outcome. They take a personalized approach to every mediation, whether the parties represent themselves or have counsel. They are mindful that the single most critical component of a successful mediation is the participants’ trust in the mediator. Their ultimate goal is to resolve disputes in a way that leads to satisfaction not just with the outcome, but also with the process.

  • What is mediation?

    Mediation is a facilitated negotiation with a goal of finding resolution by mutual agreement.

  • Who participates?

    Parties, attorneys (sometimes), and those who may help advance towards resolution, e.g. experts, other support personnel. Participants must be authorized to make decisions that bind the parties. They need to be physically present or may participate by phone or e-conference during the mediation.

  • Timing?

    The process can be undertaken at any stage of a dispute including prior to any court filings. Other common entry points include after litigation is commenced, during discovery, prior to required briefs, pleadings or motions and associated hearings and prior to trial.

  • Why seek mediation?

    • Parties are facing or involved in a dispute that is costing time, money and peace of mind;
    • Parties know they want to resolve a matter amicably and wish to preserve a relationship, even if redefined, but are unsure how to navigate the terrain towards resolution;
    • Lawyers of represented parties determine that their advocacy skills alone are not sufficient to open the door to resolution;
    • All involved want to constructively address the problematic issues(s) and are willing to immerse briefly in a forum in which parties decide what is relevant to their case and in which they will be fully heard. Parties help to architect their own resolution.

Focus Areas

  • Business Disputes
  • Construction law
  • Employment/Labor
  • Family/Divorce
  • Insurance
  • Land use/Zoning
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Property
  • Workplace Disputes